Summer Events Budapest

The countdown has started for summer, and Budapest is full of cool and interesting events that are waiting for you to have an awesome holiday.

Wine Cruise Budapest

Wine Cruise Budapest

Among the many programs, there is a super national holiday during summer time in Budapest: Aug 20th with a lot of spectacular events all over the city (and shops closed). Another highlight of the summer is the Sziget Festival for young folks.

Some of the best events in Budapest are the following programs from June to August:

Summer Wine Boat Tour on the Danube in Budapest

You deserve a couple of nice wines on your holiday at Budapest, there is no doubt about it. Join the daily wine tasting on a boat tour on the Danube, and enjoy the views by the riverside. 7 great varieties served along with some wine snacks.

Cocktails on the Danube in Summer in Budapest

Summer? River boat. Breathtaking view in Budapest’s UNESCO sites like the Buda Castle, the majestic Parliament building, and more. What could be missing? Perhaps a cool and colourful cocktail, or shall we make it two? The cocktails are with or without alcohol. Enjoy yourself during a Cocktail Cruise on the river Danube in Budapest: daily event for a light hearted afternoon relaxation.

Budapest Food Festival of Handmade Delicacies

Who has not heard of the famous Hungarian kitchen/gastronomy brought to you by Goulash Soup all over the world? Give a try to all the special delicacies Hungary could offer you in a single setting at this summer food festival. This event will feature almost every Hungarian speciality in Budapest.

Beer Festival in Budapest City

Beers and Budapest are a very good pairing. At the Beer Festival you could drink as much as you wish to try the best varieties of the most popular Hungarian and international beers.

Summer Pool Party

Have a fascinating party and enjoy a glass of beer or cocktail in one of the Szechenyi Thermal Bath pools at night. Most guests travel great distances from all over the world to take part in this very special party in the natural spring pools in this beautiful neo-Baroque building built over a 100 years ago. One of the best party in Europe, if not in the world. Don’t take our word for it. It has been said by many Ibiza party goers….

Festival of Czech Beers in Budapest

Czech beers in Budapest? Is it not impossible in Hungary. The Festival of Czech Beers in Budapest will bring you the famous Czech Beers, which Hungarians love and have appreciated since the Habsburg times. Enjoy the summer evening with a good mug of malt with various tastes and century old wisdom. Take a good Hrabal book with you, or sit in for a Menzel film to get a fuller taste of the Czechs way of innermost love for life.

Budapest Night Festival of Museums

Night at the museum is not just a film. This is a real phenomenon in the city of Budapest where museums come to live at night time (just like in many European cities), every year for a summer night. Buy a one off festival ticket, and log in to all Budapest’s museums during a night sightseeing. Special festival events make the night even more special. Highlights: Museum of Applied Arts, Hungarian National Gallery, Museum of Agriculture in Vajdahunyad Castle, and a wide range of specialty museums, from Firefighters’ Museum to the History of Telephones. Caveat: Budapest boasts more than 3 dozens of superb museums and collections.

Danube Folk Street Show in Budapest

Dance through Budapest biggest shopping street in the Danube Folk Street Show in Budapest. Take in the delightful traditional clothes and movements, enjoy the folk instruments, and dance shows. It is an international folk dance festival, so you may have a chance to see Asian, African and other non European traditional dances too on the Danube Folk Dance Festival (Duna Karneval).

Budapest Sparkling Wine Festival

Sparkling Wine. It could be dry / sweet or some semi variety, shimmering in the colours of gold or silver, one thing is sure: sparkling wines are bubbly pleasure and just never seem to be enough around. Sip it, and fizz with the city at Budapest Sparkling Wine Festival. Try the famous Hungarian selection of the bubbles, and enjoy this light hearted event in the heart of Budapest.

Hungarian Grand Prix near Budapest City

Ready, steady, go! Formula One racers are coming to Hungary every summer to race along the Hungarian Grand Prix race track. Gold sector tickets will get you into the middle of the hottest summer sports car event in Hungary.

Sziget Music Festival Island in Budapest

If there is any festival for young people in Europe, it is the Sziget Music Festival which is a total must see and must do event. For most guests it is a yearly tradition to go back to the Festival, like a huge magnet of freedom, nature, youth and peace. Tickets and festival passes sell out months before the event starts, so do get yourself in the queue in time.

Festival of Hungarian Handcrafts in Budapest

Visit the Festival of Hungarian Handcrafts in the Buda Castle in Budapest. Hundreds of beautiful handcrafted items are on display in this colourful summer event. Concerts, folk dance shows, traditional folk games make this event a central focus of August in Hungary.

Budapest August 20th

August 20th is the biggest day of Budapest during the summer. You are very lucky if your holiday to Budapest contains this special day. You should imagine it like a big birthday party with lots of tourist attractions, finished with big fireworks above the river Danube.